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womens incontinence center

bladder control
Do you leak when coughing, sneezing, or laughing? On the way to the bathroom,
do you "gotta go, gotta go...?" Millions of women suffer with this unnecessarily,
yet it is easily corrected.

Dr. Sopp is a leading lecturer and instructor on bladder problems and corrective therapies. Dr. Sopp lectures to physicians on all current, up-to-date meds and is on the National Advisory Board for them. 
Advanced in office diagnostics for:
  - Urinary leakage
  - Urgency
  - Frequency
  - Interstitial cystitis
  - Medical and non surgical bladder therapies
  - Latest bladder "Sling Surgery" - 30 minutes ... Cosmetic ... Out-patient
    The midurethral sling has the highest success rate for stress incontinence
    in the country and is FDA approved.
  - Interstim™ - Out-patient procedure that works like a pacemaker for the bladder.
    If you are not satisfied with your bladder medication and would like to learn
    more about this exciting minimally invasive treatment option, please call
    our office to attend our free seminar.
  - BOTOX® - In-Office; 20 mins; essentially painless; takes the place of, cost of daily meds

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womens incontinence center


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